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Title: List of C++ classes in LaserBoy with use of STL (and libSDL 1.2 for the GUI)
Post by: James on December 05, 2018, 03:29:43 pm

struct LaserBoy_bmp (written in C)

class LaserBoy_color

class LaserBoy_palette_base : public vector<LaserBoy_color>
class LaserBoy_palette : public LaserBoy_palette_base
class LaserBoy_palette_set_base : public vector<LaserBoy_palette>
class LaserBoy_palette_set : public LaserBoy_palette_set_base

class LaserBoy_3D_double
class LaserBoy_real_vertex : public LaserBoy_3D_double, public LaserBoy_color
class LaserBoy_real_segment_base : public vector<LaserBoy_real_vertex>
class LaserBoy_real_segment : public LaserBoy_real_segment_base
class LaserBoy_real_segment_set : public vector<LaserBoy_real_segment>

class LaserBoy_ild_header

class LaserBoy_3D_short
class LaserBoy_vertex : public LaserBoy_3D_short, public LaserBoy_color
class LaserBoy_segment_base : public vector<LaserBoy_vertex>
class LaserBoy_segment : public LaserBoy_segment_base
class LaserBoy_frame : public LaserBoy_ild_header, public LaserBoy_segment
class LaserBoy_frame_set_base : public vector<LaserBoy_frame>
class LaserBoy_frame_set : public LaserBoy_frame_set_base

class LaserBoy_wave_optimization_parameters
class LaserBoy_wave_header
class LaserBoy_wave_sample

class LaserBoy_space : public LaserBoy_frame_set, public LaserBoy_palette_set

class LaserBoy_TUI : public LaserBoy_space
class LaserBoy_GUI_base
class LaserBoy_SDL_GUI : public LaserBoy_GUI_base