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Hi everybody! Actually Beamertool running on a Raspberry3 is the best option for emulate laser with videoprojector, unfortunately it doesn't support ILD file, I hope someone here could be interested on help them. Maybe there is easy to do!
Thank you a lot for the kind help :) O0

Other Hardware / DMX support
« on: August 02, 2016, 07:10:34 pm »
Hi all, may I ask if one day DMX addressing will be supported on Laserboy?

Well, I explain myself better:
I've a small club and I'm going to buy a good chinese laser, trying to contain costs I become interested on this project. I would use a raspberry (the last version if necessary) and connect to ILDA, play files.ilda and change them by a DMX command. The computer supposed to drive the laser is 25 meters far away, I can use it for upload by ethernet files ILDA and run them manually remotely to check effect, but when the club is working I need to implement laser into the cue lists of light games and it's driven by DMX.

The DMX software address the Raspberry (with DMX expansion board) and forward it one byte, containing 0-255 ad number of the ilda file to be played. Eventually there may be address DMX+1 so with two bytes we have 65536 possible programs.

Another solution can be use Harduino with DMX module, which place on Raspberry GPIO the value of the program that should be played.

Another solution is that the DMX software is able to run an exe file, that may through ethernet send to Raspberry the number of program to play. I asked already to the DMX software house.

There is any kind of remote control already developed for LB?
thank you

About This Forum / [FAQ] Laserboy for Raspberry, questions. Thanks!
« on: August 02, 2016, 12:47:58 pm »
Hi, I'm new here, I'm going to install on my club a laser projector and I'm facing some issues, this project may let me save some money. If it can accomplish, I'll be happy to donate you!
Here are some questions, kindly breafly support me answering, thanks.

1) Is the software designed for Raspberry, and does it work better on the new version 3?
2) To drive ILDA I suppose I've to create an adaptor from GPIO, with a DAC, there is a project made and tested? (just say me the name and I'll search for it). Does it worth/be comparable to the ones on the market?
3) the software for Raspberry is working stand alone or can create effects? (a graphic interface)
4) Does the software supports the ethernet to be driven from another software? Maybe a PC version of Laserboy or another software like iShow, Quickshow.. or does it supports only effects inside an SD card?
5) Can it  be connected somehow to DMX channels to call the programs?

Thank you a lot

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