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LaserBoy !!! / Re: DOWNLOAD IT HERE !!!
« Last post by James on May 07, 2019, 05:14:30 pm »
New Version!


Fixed a big issue with the new way the background bitmap is displayed.

In the previous release for the first time ever, the background bitmap panned, zoomed and rotated with the view of space.

It takes a bit of time to render every pixel in a bitmap in 3D space.

That slowed everything way down whenever a bitmap was loaded into the display.

So I re-wrote all of that stuff so it not only renders a bit faster, but now it only does the 3D rendering calculations when the view changes.

This is a big deal when you are trying to draw anything.
LaserBoy !!! / Re: DOWNLOAD IT HERE !!!
« Last post by James on March 22, 2019, 03:35:36 pm »
New version!



LaserBoy !!! / Re: Installing MinGW C++ compiler in Windows (for LaserBoy!)
« Last post by James on January 21, 2019, 06:00:01 pm »

This all works on my old Windows XP 32-bit system (that is actually a clone of my laptop, running in Ubuntu + VMware Player 14).

I'm still looking into how to do this on a 64-bit Windows system.

You will need Winzip and 7zip to do this stuff.

Go here:

Get mingw-w64-install.exe

This is an internet installation app. It looks at your system and determines what you need to get. Mostly it looks for 32-bit or 64-bit systems.

When you install this, make life simple and have it install to C:\MinGW. Do not install it deep into your hard drive.

Once this is done, you can open a command prompt and navigate to C:\MinGW and run mingw-w64.bat

After that runs, it leaves you at C:\ but it put the MinGW bin in your path.

Leave the command prompt open and DL this:

If you are reading this way past the date it was written, you should look for the current version of boost C++.

Extract this directly on your C:\.

You will probably get a folder with a folder in it. What you want is to move the contents of the first folder that has stuff in it to C:\boost.

Now from your command prompt above, navigate to C:\boost.

run the command:
C:\boost\> bootstrap.bat gcc

This will take a while.

After this command returns, you need to run:

C:\boost\>  .\b2 --build-dir=C:\boost\build --toolset=gcc --variant=release --link=static --threading=single --runtime-link=static

This takes FOREVER.

So, go out. Get married. Have children. Get them prepared for life. Then come back and check the progress.

It isn't done until it's done.

After all that, you need to:

C:\boost\> .\b2 install

This also takes FOREVER.

Once it is all done, you need to move some files around. Open a file browser. Navigate to:


Select and cut the folder boost.

Navigate to:


and paste the folder boost that you just cut from above.

There's a lot of stuff, so it takes a while.

Then go back to:


Note this is not the libs directory.

You should see a whole mess of files that start with libboost...

Select all of them and cut.

Navigate to:


and paste everything you cut from above.

Now, you can delete the folder C:\boost\ and everything left in it.


Un-tar and unzip it directly to your C:\

Navigate to:


Select and cut the folder there called SDL

Navigate to:


and paste it there.

Go to C:\SDL-1.2.15\lib

Copy the three files there that do not begin with a dot.


Go to:


and paste them there.

Now from the same command prompt you used to compile boost, navigate to


Download (attached to this post). Put it inside of



C:\LaserBoy\src\> mingw32-make.exe -f

and wait for it.

Go to:


Find the file libwinpthread-1.dll select and copy it.

Go to C:\LaserBoy\

and paste it (in the same directory as LaserBoy.exe).

If all goes well you just successfully compiled LaserBoy.exe for 32-bit Windows.

Open a file browser to C:\LaserBoy and run LaserBoy.bat.

Edit this file to suit your screen resolution.

LaserBoy !!! / Re: installing LaserBoy on OSX 10.8
« Last post by BlinkenLights on January 16, 2019, 04:47:45 pm »
I had to remove the -pg lines to get it to compile and open, however now it opens a blank screen. Still working on that
LaserBoy !!! / Re: Beautiful Single Line vector Font for LaserBoy!
« Last post by James on December 12, 2018, 02:34:48 pm »
In my research about the origins of certain "external" ILDA file palettes, I downloaded LFI Player and its source code.

In the distribution of the application I found that it had a nice simple vector font that is significantly different than the ones that are already included with LaserBoy.

Since LFI is also open source and under the GPL Licence I am offering it here in a slightly altered form.

struct LaserBoy_bmp (written in C)

class LaserBoy_color

class LaserBoy_palette_base : public vector<LaserBoy_color>
class LaserBoy_palette : public LaserBoy_palette_base
class LaserBoy_palette_set_base : public vector<LaserBoy_palette>
class LaserBoy_palette_set : public LaserBoy_palette_set_base

class LaserBoy_3D_double
class LaserBoy_real_vertex : public LaserBoy_3D_double, public LaserBoy_color
class LaserBoy_real_segment_base : public vector<LaserBoy_real_vertex>
class LaserBoy_real_segment : public LaserBoy_real_segment_base
class LaserBoy_real_segment_set : public vector<LaserBoy_real_segment>

class LaserBoy_ild_header

class LaserBoy_3D_short
class LaserBoy_vertex : public LaserBoy_3D_short, public LaserBoy_color
class LaserBoy_segment_base : public vector<LaserBoy_vertex>
class LaserBoy_segment : public LaserBoy_segment_base
class LaserBoy_frame : public LaserBoy_ild_header, public LaserBoy_segment
class LaserBoy_frame_set_base : public vector<LaserBoy_frame>
class LaserBoy_frame_set : public LaserBoy_frame_set_base

class LaserBoy_wave_optimization_parameters
class LaserBoy_wave_header
class LaserBoy_wave_sample

class LaserBoy_space : public LaserBoy_frame_set, public LaserBoy_palette_set

class LaserBoy_TUI : public LaserBoy_space
class LaserBoy_GUI_base
class LaserBoy_SDL_GUI : public LaserBoy_GUI_base
LaserBoy !!! / Re: DOWNLOAD IT HERE !!!
« Last post by James on November 29, 2018, 03:53:56 pm »
Here it is!

New Version:

If you already have an installation of LaserBoy, I would suggest that you rename the folder that it is currently in to something else. Unzip this new version and place the LaserBoy folder where ever you want it and move or copy the contents of your previous version into the new one.

Create a new folder inside of ./LaserBoy/ild called something like old_ild and move your old ild directory contents into it. Find and delete all of the ild files that start with "font_".

Move your previous version of from the old wtf folder into the new one.

Now you can make new subdirectory names inside of the ild folder and sort all of your ild files into individual projects.

As always, please report any issues to me!




Fixed issue with switch(abs( ... to be switch(int(abs( ... so it will compile with no errors on Raspberry Pi.

Added the ability to create directories inside of the ./LaserBoy/ild/ directory.
Added navigation into and out of these directories in the ild input and output menus.

Created a new subdirectory ./LaserBoy/ild/fonts/ and moved all of the included ild font files into this folder. Removed the "font_" from the beginning of each font file name. Now LaserBoy knows to look inside of this folder to find font files to either render DXF frames that contain TEXT ENTITES or when rendering text in the m render segments by coordinate menu.

Added new feature in the ild output menu to be able to split a frame set by selecting the first frame of every split point. Go into menu o to output, 1 for file type ild, 5 split frame set into new directory. Type the name of the new directory you want to create. Hit [Enter]. A new directory of ild files will be created with each file named [new directory name]_xxxxx.ild, where [new directory name] is the name you entered and _xxxxx is a number beginning with _00000 and incrementing to however many new files were created minus one.

Removed the color cycling effect from all frame and frame set effects. If you want to apply color cycling to a frame or frame set, there is an effect that does that called rainbow.

Added the feature to be able to name the file output by any frame or frame set effect. These files can also be placed inside of any directory inside of ./LaserBoy/ild/.

Changed the order of output options in the file output save as wav menu to put the LaserBoy optimized wave file options at the top positions of 1, 2, 3, and 4. Bumped down the unoptimized options to 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Fixed the wtf output function. The values of
were swapped between the writeing and the reading of the wtf file.

Fixed up some of the text user interface messaging to make a bit more sense.
About This Forum / 54
« Last post by James on November 17, 2018, 03:18:46 am »
I had an awesome birthday 11/16/18.

I wish you could have been there!

DACs / Re: CMEDIA Win 10 driver
« Last post by meandean on November 14, 2018, 10:39:43 pm »
Does the SPDIF out work with this driver?
DACs / CMEDIA Win 10 driver
« Last post by BlinkenLights on November 12, 2018, 09:03:55 am »
Here is an official driver for the CMEDIA 6206. It is packaged for windows 10 and includes an example INI file in the ZIP (\WIN10\SoftwareDriver\INI\cm106.ini) which disables all the unneeded features and enables only 6 and 8 channel modes.

After install you still have to open the windows sound control panel and set the card to NOT default and 7.1 mode. I have tested this driver with the EZAudDac.dll and it works fine
I have also tested with 6 channel laserboy waves, Spaghetti and LFI player.

The INI file should be saved to C:\Windows\cm106.ini if its not automagically installed.

Just unzip the above file, run the setup, open windows sound control panel set the driver to 7.1 mode and NOT default, reboot. if the CMEDIA control panel still has extra features (like karaoke mode effects) simply overwrite C:\Windows\cm106.ini with the one included in the zip, uninstall the sound card in the device manager and reboot. The sound card will be reinstalled with the new INI on reboot.

See reference images attached.
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