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low power monster deals
« on: July 01, 2009, 11:16:08 pm »
I just got a sales flyer yesterday. I saw a couple of nice things in there so I ordered them! I thought these deals might be something that someone else might be interested in.


is something that is not even made anymore. It is actually a Sonic Impact T-Amp. These things were all the rage a few years ago. If you look elswhere on this site you will see some speaker designs that I made where I used a tiny kit amp to power the horns and another one to power line source arrays. This is the commercial version of that same chip amp! This one comes with a power supply a plastic box and a blue power LED!

Check this out:,71.0.html

Can you believe that this little amp can get my line arrays up to rock concert levels? It can!


just looked too good to be true! So I got one.

James.  :)
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