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hey thanks James!

interesting enough, the black, rattle can paint, is made by HYSTER, the forklift people. i used it alot during my work as forklift maintenance for a lumber company. the paint is awsome! very durable and tough. Hyster part number 1344901 low gloss black. best choice for black, in my opinion.

the labels are custom made in Photoshop. Then printed up by 'Signs By Tomorrow".

the back panel label is HP (Premium) White Print on Clear Vinyl.
After applying the label, I used clear coat  to protect the print. i'll order the rest on Tuesday.

As far as the weight goes, its heavy! maybe 25 pounds,  12w x 12d x 7h inch dimensions.

My first show is in  one week, July 25th, a private wedding, and need a set of red LOC diodes now.

none of this would be possible without the inspiring talents and contributions of several individuals, including:

Andrew (Dr Lava)
Gary (Hyena)

This is a big thank you to you all!!

off to make some labels, later


Happy to say, i have now started on the finishing steps of the projector. its been a long haul, started feb 2009 on a sheet of plywood, now an obsession! (perfect for my excessive/compulsive disorder!)

this includes the following:

coating the housings and all optics areas/ components and case in black. (Done)
labeling the projector in prep for cdrh class IV compliance:
1. back panel overlay for connections/adjustments (Done)
2. Manufactures info label
3. compliance label
4. aperture warning label
5. danger class IV/power/wavelength label
6. case Interlock protective housing warning label

(is this all the labels?)

here  is a few pics


Construction / Re: Community Laser Projector Build!
« on: July 15, 2010, 03:05:34 pm »
Wow james, thats the shit! OMFG cool beams/setup. Andrew's da man!!

later and congrats on the new baby!!


Lasers / Re: Enter the Cheap 445nm Diodes
« on: June 25, 2010, 02:08:20 pm »
no-esc: correct! but ar'd for 808 not 445nm, but the beam, omg!
pinhole, just testing, removes artifacts on outer edge, but so do the scanner mirrors....

james: thank you! the gift is taking an idea then being able to creating it!


Lasers / Re: Enter the Cheap 445nm Diodes
« on: June 24, 2010, 08:39:13 am »
Thanks Dr Lava,

here is some pics for ya'all

time to move the mirror mounts!!!
add 2nd blue knifed!

later guys....

hey !

rolling out the newest module including real blue, and doubles for ALL!

Polorized beam combiners and knife edge for the green
 more soon...


<img src="" alt="" />

Construction / Re: Community Laser Projector Build!
« on: June 13, 2010, 03:35:55 am »
I have a 4mm pbs cube for red if ya need it, will trade.

also have 4 of those brass laser66 housings with 405-g-1 lens in them, for modulees only, will trade also. pm me if interested..

whats up with the scanners? group buy for 30k? no-esc ???

I have ordered 2 445's from drlava last week, looking forward to them arriving any day now!! hopefully......  well?.

looks like you are well on your way. where and cost for the blue cobes??


Lasers / Re: Enter the Cheap 445nm Diodes
« on: June 08, 2010, 12:46:19 pm »
what lens are you using for 3x3 beam?


Lasers / Re: Enter the Cheap 445nm Diodes
« on: June 07, 2010, 11:58:07 am »
well i have been bumped from the 2 diodes i ordered. wow that sucked. but i think there is another choice. help, looking for diodes for my projector. need two and a spare eventually. but for now would like one!!

i have a 445nm deficiency, turning yellow!!!


Lasers / Re: Enter the Cheap 445nm Diodes
« on: June 03, 2010, 03:22:16 am »
60 bucks a pop!
I'm in for two.
 time to pull the 405's and put 445's in.

2W 445nm 5.6mm duals tec cooled running at 50%. pinch me please!!!

Andrew, what current/ power and threshold levels are you seeing??



hmmm, lets see.....475 x 24 diodes per unit = 11,400 dollars, for a 700 dollar projector. Well, another 225 and you could have 24 diodes. damn thats gotta hurt. i'm feeling you pain.....

Construction / Re: Community Laser Projector Build!
« on: May 31, 2010, 01:04:03 pm »
sounds like i can help out here!

laser diode housings:
get laser66 housings for red and blue (i have 4 in my projector)
use 405-g-1 for bluray 30 each ( i have 2 lens nuts fitted with 405-g-1 lenses in my 650's that need a 405 home, so i can put the right 650-g-1 lens in there.)
use 650-g-1 for red dvd long open can diodes 30 each

i reviewed these laser66 modules a year ago see photolexicon. nice beam profile at module exit

for green laser, convert high power (100mw+) pointer module to analog using flexmod driver or the new driver with optical feedback for better modulation control. (wishfull thinking, flexmod3? ??? andrew, hint hint!!)

405nm sfaw210 21.99 modwerx

532nm green modules in classic housings, (NOT DX STYLE!) uses 9mm 1w? ir diode from laserlands! (link) 150mw 63.99 WOW! Actual power is more than any other modules, for the price. better divergence than dx on average....
i use 2 of these combined, converted to analog, modified, tweaked, turbocharged with staggering turn on levels for better modulation (waiting for flexmod3!!) 815ma each for a whopping 1.63Amps!

650nm DVD LOC Modwerx 12.99

cubes, comes in a sled, both 405 and 650, dam brain fart! think it was kes400a sled, hella lot cheaper!! the laser66 modules with the g-1 lenses allow the proper beam diameter to use the small cubes! sweet!

no-esc: hmmm pheonix scanners?? good price! any reviews? i might want in on these.


Thank you for the compliment!

I Used a mirror to place the second beam on the first beam. yes i make all my parts by hand.

my grand father , being a mason, taught me that, creation of visions, is a reality. having watched him for many years, inspired me early on.

no machining equiptment here, just a bench drill press and hand tools.
it becomes a part of you, reflecting talents and creativity. sure i could use a cnc to whip out parts, but i was laid off that job. oh well

see my pics of last nights tests of reworked optics layout:

1. home made scanner mirrors, too lossy, but way cool. temporary
2. reworked green, removed two mirrors in green path, more power!
3. raised green current from 1.2 amps to 1.625 amps for 813ma for each green module.
4. tidy up some wiring issues on the lower level.
5. reailing scanner amps
6. reailign color correction board
7. reset laser temps to 65F and test
8. find the happy spot for the greens temp setting.


650nm 500mw Dual red Mockup 10.5mm Brass housing

532nm 200mw Ultrafire Laser Green Torch

532nm 200mw Ultrafire Laser Green Torch

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