Author Topic: laser ionics 554 8watt laser test  (Read 5798 times)

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laser ionics 554 8watt laser test
« on: January 15, 2010, 09:09:15 pm »
so about a year a go i picked up a few old argon's from an optometry college for free so it took me this long to find some one who knows argon's and had 3phase so i took a trip to daystar lasers in rochester ny (6hr eachway)
so we hooked it all up and first thing that happened was there was water all over from a cooling leak on the head so i got some magic putty and patch the copper lines and solved that so we thought it was all go so proceded to start to power it but discovered 2 more small leaks we coulnt realy see where they were coming from to patch but it was only a very slow drip so we tool some rags to collect water and it seemed safe enough to power

so we hooked up the buck boost to his line service (buckboost takes in 220v and put out 260v that the laser ps needs its the ugly gray box that looks like a space heater )

so we fliped on the juice and the cathode gave off a nice orange glow about a min later a relay kicked in and teh start button was now armed
with one push it started right up

we couldnt get it to emit a beam but it just need some time and patience to align the mirrors 

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Re: laser ionics 554 8watt laser test
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2010, 10:30:55 pm »

Do you know the actual output power?

Do you have a plan for this beast?

Geeeeez, there's a lot of glass in there. Looks fragile!

James.  :)
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