Author Topic: Even Prophets Can Have Opinions  (Read 4711 times)

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Even Prophets Can Have Opinions
« on: June 07, 2010, 11:53:08 pm »
    Yes, I'm aware of Brigham Young's belief that the sun is inhabited and also the
statements by Brigham Young and Joseph Smith about people living on the moon.
Now a question for you: Are you aware of the source of these beliefs? Are you
aware, for example, of the 1835 hoax in which a British newspaper, soon followed
by the New York Sun, took advantage of the overseas absence of Britain's
astronomer-royal, Sir John Herschel, to publish an article saying that he had
discovered people living on the moon, and followed it up with claims that other
astronomers had discovered people living on the sun? No refutation of these was
ever published, and I suspect that a great number of 19th century Americans
believed them to be true. Again, Let me remind you that even prophets can have
opinions. I have no problem with either Joseph Smith or Brigham Young accepting
as true something that was being published in the name of the prominent
astronomers of the day.
  I hope this rather lengthy letter (nearly matching yours in size) has clarified matters.
                                                          John A. Tvedtnes

  Wow, I think I finally get it now... %),310.msg3718.html?PHPSESSID=qbs5fqhsbkcsbhi0c4amq1bgv4#msg3718
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